Testing is offered through the SOFE testing website at Test.com where the AFE, CFE and AES tests are offered as well as the CRE Reading Program tests. The link to SOFE's testing website is under "Files" on the landing page in the Members Only area. If you are not a member of SOFE and have never taken a SOFE test or if you are not a member and have not taken a test since March of 2012, complete and submit the non-member test account access form here (Coming Soon). You must arrange for a SOFE approved proctor to be present during your test(s) on the date you plan to take them. Click here for instructions on accessing tests under the new testing delivery system.

Study Guides

NOTE — There are no study guides for the SOFE tests through any sources other than those provided on SOFE's website.

Test Credit Expiration and Designation Requirements Timelines

  1. Satisfy the prerequisite educational requirements for the designation. The requirements are linked here:
  2. Pass all the SOFE exams (AFE or CFE track) within a 36 month period.
  3. Meet the 2 year (AFE) or 3 year (CFE) current continuous regulatory work experience requirement.
  4. Be a member of SOFE in good standing.
  5. Submit the AFE or CFE designation application reflecting fulfillment of all requirements for that designation within thirty-eight months following the month in which the first exam was passed for that designation track.

See details here under "Testing Information" and "Conditional Credit Policy"

AFE and CFE Testing Fees and Passing Scores

The passing score for AFE tests taken after June 30, 2014, is 70%, and for CFE tests, 74%. The testing fees are as follows: Member fees - $200 to initially take an exam ; $150 to retake an exam. Non -member fees- $275 to initially take an exam; $210 to retake an exam.

Note: If you have taken one of the existing exams and you take a new exam you will be charged full price instead of the retake fee.  If this happens please send a refund request to sofe@sofe.org.