Ad Policy / Submit An Ad

Advertisements will be posted as soon as possible after receipt (and after payment is received, if required) for the period you indicate with your submission. Ads should be one brief paragraph in length and format; a concise synopsis that links to the employer's site for the detailed lists of duties, requirements, etc.. Ad expiration date should be at least 10 business days after the date of submission and within three months.


  • SOFE members may list positions free of charge.
  • Non-members pay $100.00 per advertisement per posting.

SOFE will invoice for the advertisement before it is posted. NOTE: ALL classifieds are reviewed before being posted.

Mail Checks To:
Society of Financial Examiners
3505 Vernon Woods Drive
Summerfield, NC 27358

Submit An Ad Instructions
Please email your job ad to [email protected] with title, description, and expiration date. Submit only one ad per email. Contact [email protected] for questions and more information.