SOFE 2024 Career Development Seminar
   July 28–August 1, 2024

Through lectures, roundtable discussions, and interactive formats, participants in the Society of Financial Examiners’ Career Development Seminar (hereafter referred to as SOFE CDS) will learn of the latest developments, current issues, and new solutions in the regulation of insurance companies. Issues will include critical risk categories, ORSA/ ERM risk-focused examination procedures, fraud detection, and IT developments.

Program Level - This seminar is offered for Intermediate and Advanced Financial Examiners and Analysts.

Prerequisites - Previous professional experience in regulatory examination or analysis of insurance companies.

Advance Preparation - No advanced preparation is necessary.

Learning Objectives - After attending this event, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the impact of new developments in regulation, group supervision, and solvency modernization initiatives on insurance company surveillance.
  • Enhance risk-focused examination procedures through increased understanding of examination best practices, critical risk categories, and changes to the accreditation program.
  • Effectively incorporate structured enterprise risk management and corporate governance assessments into insurance company examinations.
  • Understand and identify risks to insurer investment portfolios and integrate analysis and follow-up procedures into the examination process
  • Effectively incorporate the IT General Controls Review into the risk-focused examination process.
  • Understand Cybersecurity risks and their potential impact on regulatory examinations.

Registration Rates
The registration fees are $725 until June 17, 2024.  Price will increase on June 18, 2024

This event is offered in person only; a virtual option will not be offered.

Please click here for the SOFE Registration Brochure