Board of Governors

Authority and Responsibility:
The Board of Governors shall consist of not less than twenty-five (25), nor more than fifty (50) members who shall have supervision, control and direction of the general policies and affairs of the Society, its committees and publications, and shall actively promote its objectives. The Board may adopt motions and regulations for the conduct of its business and may grant or delegate any or all of its authority to the Executive Committee to act on its behalf in the interim between meetings of the Board.

Name SOFE Designation(s) Term Expires Company/Agency
Jean Adams-Harris CFE, AES 2020 Adams-Harris, Inc.
Stacey Alden CFE 2024 Vermont Department of Insurance
Barry Armstrong CFE 2023 Noble Consulting Services, Inc.
Susan Bernard CFE, AES 2024 California Dept. of Insurance
Robin Brown CFE 2022 Carr Riggs & Ingram, LLC
Joanne Campanelli CFE 2023 Examination Resources, LLC
Diane Carter CFE 2024 Oklahoma Insurance Dept.
Don Catmull CFE 2020 Utah Insurance Dept.
Kyo Chu CFE 2020 California Insurance Dept.
Lindsay Crawford CFE 2021 Nebraska Insurance Department
Mario Cuellar CFE 2023 Virginia State Corporation Commission - BOI
Bryant Cummings CFE 2020 Tennessee Dept. of Commerce and Insurance
Chase Davis CFE 2024 Washington State Office of Insurance Commissioner
Richard Foster CFE 2020 The INS Companies
Shawn Frederick CFE 2021 Texas Dept. of Insurance
Rachelle Gowins CFE 2023 Examination Resources, LLC
Stewart Guerin CFE 2023 Louisiana Dept. of Insurance
Ryan Havick CFE 2022 Eide Bailly LLP
Mel Heaps CFE 2024 Arkansas Insurance Dept.
Shannon Hopkins CFE 2024 Pennsylvania Department of Insurance
John Humphries AES 2023 Risk & Regulatory Consulting LLC
Adam Jackson CFE 2022 Iowa Insurance Division
Jenny Jeffers AES 2020 Jennan Enterprises
James Kattman CFE 2022 Noble Consulting Services, Inc.
Annette Knief CFE 2022 The INS Companies
Glenn Legault CFE 2020 Pennsylvania Insurance Dept.
Matthew Milford CFE 2020 Pennsylvania Insurance Dept.
Jan Moenck CFE 2021 Risk and Regulatory Consulting, LLC
Michael Morrissey AES 2022 Morrissey Consultants, LLC
Mark Murphy CFE 2022 Connecticut Insurance Dept.
Rick Nelson CFE 2024 Johnson Lambert, LLP
William O'Connell CFE 2021 Noble Consulting Services, Inc.
Sean O'Donnell CFE 2022 District of Columbia Dept. of Insurance, Securities and Banking
Mark Ossi CFE 2021 Georgia Dept. of Insurance
Malis Rasmussen CFE 2023 Utah Insurance Dept.
Robin Roberts CFE 2024 Eide Bailly LLP
Leane Rafalko CFE 2021 North Carolina Dept. of Insurance
Justin Schrader CFE 2022 Nebraska Dept. of Insurance
Brian Sewell CFE 2024 Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
Doug Slape CFE 2023 Texas Dept. of Insurance
Joanne Smith CFE 2024 Johnson Lambert, LLP
Monique Smith CFE 2023 North Carolina Dept. of Insurance
Eli Snowbarger CFE 2021 Oklahoma Insurance Dept.
Tarik Subbagh CFE 2021 Washington State Office of the Ins. Commissioner
Ber Vang CFE, AES 2021 California Dept. of Insurance
Ignatius Wheeler CFE 2020 Texas Dept. of Insurance
Tian Xiao CFE 2023 Hawaii Insurance Division

General Counsel,
Pro bono public

Fred Garsson