Executive Committee and Officers

Office Name and SOFE Designation Committee Chair (s)
President Joanne Smith, CFE  
President Elect Lindsay Crawford, CFE Management, CDS
Treasurer Bill O'Connell, CFE Finance
Past President Eli Snowbarger, CFE Professional Standards
Secretary Bryant Cummings, CFE Examinations
Vice President Chase Davis, CFE Membership, State Chapters
Vice President Richard Foster, CFE Nominations, Future Sites
Vice President Shawn Frederick, CFE Publications, State Chapters
Vice President Jenny Jeffers, AES AES
Vice President Malis Rasmussen, CFE CDS, Nominations
Vice President Monique Smith, CFE Education, Future Sites
Vice President Amy Malm, CFE Examinations
Vice President Trey Hancock, CFE Membership
Vice President Bill Michael, CFE Education
Vice President John Romano, CFE Publications