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  1. Actuarial Analyst - Property and Casualty Insurance   (Tumwater, WA)

  2. Assistant Chief Insurance Examiner   (Carson City, NV)

  3. Associate Financial Analyst (Financial Examiner 2)   (Tumwater, WA)

  4. Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Company Supervision   (Tumwater, WA)

  5. Financial Analyst   (various locations, CA, UT, TX)

  6. Financial Examiner   (Indianapolis, IN and various other locations)

  7. Financial Examiner   (Helena, MT)

  8. Financial Examiner III   (San Antonio, TX)

  9. Financial Examiner III   (San Antonio, TX)

  10. Financial Examiner VI   (Houston, TX)

  11. Insurance Examiner 1   (Carson City, NV)

  12. Insurance Financial Examiner   (Fargo, ND / Telecommute)

  13. Manager, FS Risk Advisory   (various)

  14. Market Analyst (FPA3)   (Turnwater, WA)

  15. Senior Consultant FS Risk Advisory

  16. Senior Financial Analysts (2 positions available)   (Tumwater, WA)

  17. Senior Financial Examiner   (Fargo, ND / Telecommute)