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  1. Captive Insurance Specialist 1   (Nashville, TN)

  2. Chief Financial Examiner   (Cheyenne, WY)

  3. Financial Analyst (Insurance) 2 positions available   (Topeka, KS)

  4. Financial Analyst Supervisor   (Sante Fe, NM)

  5. Financial Examiner   (various)

  6. Financial Examiner   (Cheyenne, WY)

  7. Insurance Company Examiner   (Gardiner, Maine)

  8. Insurance Examiner in Charge   (Gardiner, Maine)

  9. Legislative IT Audit Manager   (Annapolis, MD)

  10. Senior Insurance Examiner   (Gardiner,Maine)

  11. Senior Insurance Financial Analyst (2 full time positions)   (Concord, NH)