Find A Proctor

You must reserve your test date and time in advance directly with an approved proctor.

All SOFE members who are in good standing, have held the CFE designation for a month or more and have a suitable office space for testing are eligible to proctor the tests if they choose to do so.

SOFE members seeking a proctor may consult the SOFE Member Directory located in the Members Only area of the website to see all CFEs in their area to contact regarding their availability to proctor. Non members do not have access to the Member Directory to search for the most current and complete listings of CFEs who may proctor. For that reason, non members only who are taking SOFE tests may inquire at the 'Contact Us link below for a limited selection of qualified proctors in their state.

Proctor Instructions - Pease read before agreeing to be a proctor

Proctor Oath - Please fill out and send to [email protected]