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Testing is offered through the SOFE testing website, where the AFE and CFE tests are offered as well as the CRE Reading Program tests.
If you are not a member of SOFE, email [email protected] to receive testing access.

It is recommended to pay online at the time of the test. Anyone who must pay by check must complete a test registration form. SOFE members paying for the test online do not complete a form in advance of the test. However, they must still arrange in advance for a SOFE approved proctor to be present during their test(s). Click here for instructions on accessing tests on the SOFE testing website.

Registering for SOFE Examinations — You do not have to be a member of SOFE to take the examinations, however, it is less expensive to take the test if you are a member. If you plan to take more than one test per year, it will save you money if you are a member. If you are paying online, complete the non-member test account access form online here. If you are paying by check, then you must send your check with a test registration form for arrival at least two weeks prior to the date of your test. See "Paying by Check" below for more information. For the AES exam, see the information at this link.

Paying Online — If you are paying online for your test, you pay at the time you take the test, so there is no need to pre-register for your test. SOFE's testing site accepts online payment by credit card or by your PayPal account.

Paying by Check — There is additional time required to allow a test being paid for by check. If paying by check for your test, you must complete the test registration form and mail it as directed on the form. Additional stipulations for paying by check - Retests - If you wish to retake a test in less than two week's time, you must pay online. There are no exceptions to this requirement. To pay by check for a retest , you must designate on your test registration form which test and which date you will be taking the test at least two weeks prior to the test date . Failure To Show Up For An Exam Test takers who do not show up on time forfeit the test fee and the next test will be charged at the retest fee. Refunds A request for refunds for canceled tests which cannot be rescheduled may be made within 24 months of the check date and will be subject to an administrative fee of $50 for members and $75 for non-members. Failure to provide written notice of inability to take the test to SOFE and to the proctor in advance of the exam day will cause forfeiture of the full testing fee and the retest fee will be charged at the next registration for the exam.

Test site user support — SOFE is available to assist you during the following business hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET, excluding holidays.

Approved Proctors — You must reserve your test date and time in advance directly with an approved proctor. All CFEs in good standing who have had the CFE designation for a month or more and have a suitable office space for testing are eligible to proctor the tests if they choose to do so. SOFE members seeking a proctor may consult the SOFE Member Directory located in the Members Only area of the website to see all CFEs in their area to contact regarding their availability to proctor. Instructions on seeking a proctor for non members are here.

Log In Information — The link and instructions for accessing SOFE's test.com website is in the Members Only area under "Files".

Test Format — Each examination has 50 randomly selected multiple choice questions. A limit of three hours is allowed for each test. The exams are proctored by volunteers from the SOFE membership and from the state insurance departments. Click here for instructions on accessing tests under the new testing delivery system.

Test Results — Test results are displayed on the screen at the conclusion of the test. An email indicating pass or fail will be emailed to the examinee and SOFE at the conclusion of the test. The actual score will not be included in this email. If the test was passed, then a certificated will be emailed as well. At any time, you can go into your history and view your prior results as well as the completion certificates.

Veterans Benefit for SOFE Exam Fee Reimbursement

The Department of Veterans Affairs has approved under Section 122 of PL 106-416 , SOFE's AFE and CFE exam fees for reimbursement retroactive to January 31, 2011. The VA's Licensing and Certification Reimbursement application form is here. You must apply for VA benefits before using this form. The VA benefits application forms links are here. Questions about eligibility or filing must be directed to the Veterans Administration. Forms must be submitted to the VA address provided in the form instructions. Do not submit forms to SOFE. More information here.